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    This Week at Lakehead Public Schools - September 19, 2014

    Hammarskjold Harvest Friday

    It has been said that it takes an entire village to raise a child. At Hammarskjold High School, it takes an entire school and some very special community partners to raise two amazing gardens! Today, Hammarskjold High School hosted the inaugural “Hammarskjold Harvest Friday” celebration. The school and a number of community partners celebrated the end of the first The school and a number of community partners celebrated the end of the first season for the two new gardens developed by the students and community partners.

    “Hammarskjold Harvest Friday was a day for the students and staff to celebrate our amazing gardens,” says Heather Foster, Hammarskjold High School Teacher. “It really is incredible to see how many students, staff and community partners were involved to ensure the success of the gardens.”

    In the Fall 2013, the Construction Technology classes (including Construction High Skills Major students) constructed a concrete pad for a seating area with planter in front of the building. The students also constructed a number of garden planters. Planters were installed in an interior courtyard for use by the Special Needs classes.

    In cooperation with Roots to Harvest, the Environmental Science class (including Environment High Skills Major students) and Special Needs students designed and built new gardens in front of the school and in the courtyard. S

    cience classes and Special Needs students planted the gardens in the spring of 2014, and Garden Ambassadors, summer students hired by Lakehead Public Schools and coordinated through Roots to Harvest, provided valuable support through the summer, tending and watering the vegetables and flowers – including kale, Swiss chard, nasturtiums, onions, beets and sunflowers.

    The Foods classes and Special Needs classes, with the help of the Livesmart and Garden clubs, prepared borscht and vegetable soups to share with the student body on their first ever “Hammarskjold Harvest Friday”.

    Love of Reading

    On Monday, September 22, Hyde Park Public School is having a “Love Of Reading” Fundraiser Night at Chapters from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Please join Hyde Park students and staff as they showcase their school community and raise money for their library and playground!

    Any time you shop at Chapters in the month of September, you will be asked to donate to the “Love of Reading Grant” for Hyde Park Public School. Out of 91 schools adopted in Ontario, Hyde Park Public School is in 6th place! Please help them get to #1!

    Continuing to Keep Schools Safe

    Lakehead Public Schools staff, other school boards and a number of community partners are benefiting from unique workshops facilitated by a leading safety expert. Kevin Cameron, the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Kevin Cameron, the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response, has been providing Level 1 and Level 2 training for school staff and community members to assess potential risk and to determine the appropriate course of action.

    “Lakehead Public Schools is pleased to welcome Kevin Cameron back to provide further critical training to our staff and community partners,” says Colleen Kappel, Superintendent of Education. “Having the opportunity to work with our various community partners and with an expert like Kevin Cameron will have significant benefits for our students and staff.”

    Violent incidents throughout the world have increased the need for school staff and community partners to work collaboratively to increase their knowledge of risk assessment and the appropriate responses. Through his experiences responding to violent trauma, including the 1999 school shooting in Taber, Alberta, Kevin Cameron has developed a multidisciplinary process to determine if a threat maker actually poses a risk to self or others.

    The Level 1 Violence Threat Risk Assessment workshop trains teams to become knowledgeable practitioners at collecting data that helps to paint a clear picture of how high risk an individual may be and what the appropriate intervention should be based on that data.

    Level 2 training was also offered this week for staff and community partners who had previously received their Level 1 status. The session focused on the comprehensive process of data analysis and strategic interviewing. This training also includes the assessment of the level of commitment of a threat maker through language.

    PIC Positions Available!

    Lakehead District School Board is seeking applications from interested public school supporters to serve in the following positions on its Parent Involvement Committee: 

    • One (1) School Council representative and four (4) alternate School Council representatives
    • One (1) Parent member and two (2) alternate Parent members (must be parent/guardians of children attending a Lakehead Public School)
    • Up to three (3) community representatives (shall not be members or employees of Lakehead District School Board)

    The purpose of the Parent Involvement Committee is to support, encourage and enhance parent engagement at the Board level in order to improve student achievement and wellbeing. Reg. 330/10 Sec. 27(1)

    The Committee achieves this by:

    • providing information and advice on parent engagement to Lakehead District School Board;
    • communicating with and supporting Lakehead District School Board School Councils and associated network meetings;
    • undertaking activities to help parents support their children’s learning at home and at school through system level initiatives;
    • providing parent representation to other Lakehead District School Board committees; and
    • supporting positive relationships at school and Board level to enhance student success.

    The positions will be effective November 15, 2014. The Parent Involvement Committee meets a minimum of four times per year. The application deadline is Friday, September 26, 2014. Applications should be addressed to:

    Ian MacRae, Director of Education
    Lakehead District School Board
    2135 Sills Street
    Thunder Bay, ON
    P7E 5T2

    For additional information, please contact Kathryn Hantjis, Executive Assistant, at 625-5131 or via email at

    Upcoming Meetings
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