Aboriginal Education

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Grades 9 to 12 are an exciting time of change, exploration and individual development. Look for details on our core programs, as well as athletics, scholarships, alternative programs and system programs. Our goal is to provide quality education and a wide range of choices to help students explore and discover career and continuing education choices that will meet their goals.Lakehead Public Schools has four secondary schools. Visit the school websites to learn more.


Connecting for Success


Aboriginal EducationThe Aboriginal Community is the fastest growing segment of the population in Thunder Bay. Lakehead Public Schools is committed to improving and supporting Aboriginal student success by providing the resources required to assist staff and administrators. Our goal is to build an Aboriginal cultural awareness in every school that promotes sensitivity to educational needs, a welcoming school climate and active parental involvement.


The handbook “FNMI Presence in Our Schools: A Guide for Staff” provides an excellent background and context for teaching. Further resources for secondary schools are included in “Building Social Inclusion by Combating Racism.” Additional assistance can be accessed through the Ontario Native Education Counselling Association at www.oneca.com

Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee (AEAC)

The Board has also established the Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee (AEAC) to provide ongoing advice on matters relating to the education of Aboriginal students.

The Turtle - by Cairan CarsonIn 2006, Lakehead Public School students were invited to submit artwork that would represent Aboriginal presence in our schools. This design by Cairan Carson of McKellar Public School was selected as the winning logo. According to artist and contest judge Chris Sutherland, the turtle represents North America in traditional Native art. The canoe with an adult and two children in it, illustrates the importance of leadership and the need for youth to be led by example.

Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer

On the recommendation of the Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee, Lakehead Public Schools hired an Aboriginal Community Liaison & Partnership Officer in December 2006.

The Aboriginal Community Liaison & Partnership Officer provides advice and support to administrators, staff and school leaders that would assist in:

  • Developing an understanding and an appreciation for Aboriginal culture through cultural awareness;
  • Providing input on how to create a welcoming school environment for Aboriginal families and students;
  • Expanding existing channels of communication between Aboriginal families and staff;
  • Nurturing positive working relationships between Aboriginal families and Lakehead Public Schools’ staff;
  • Listening, providing guidance and exploring best practices/strategies/problem-solving approaches towards Aboriginal student success;
  • Building partnerships with the Aboriginal community;

Ashley Nurmela

First Nation, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) Community Liaison Officer
Phone: (807) 625-5119
Fax: (807) 623-7848

Lakehead Public Schools
2135 Sills Street
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 5T2


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