Articles by Timothy Dowling

In Memory of Bruce Nugent

Lakehead Public Schools is deeply saddened to share the sudden passing yesterday of our dear friend and colleague Bruce Nugent. Bruce truly represented all the best of Lakehead Public Schools. He was consistently kind, conscientious and respectful [...]

Summer Mental Health Services

Summer Mental Health services are available for Lakehead Public Schools students in Grades 3 and up. Brief intensive individual short-term counselling available for: Managing anxiety Managing feelings Preparing for the coming school year Learning [...]

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. Lakehead Public Schools stands in solidarity with Black communities. In Canada there has been a history of racism and racial discrimination that still exists today. As an educational institution, we are committed to do our part [...]

Wellness Family Friday June 12

June 12 has been dedicated as Wellness Family Friday. While your child’s teacher is preparing year-end report cards for each student, Lakehead Public Schools instructional resource team is providing families with learning for the day. There is a [...]

Letter to Families

Dear Lakehead Public Schools Families: The well-being of all members of our school communities, including students, families and staff, is a top priority for our school Board. We are writing to let you know that the province released its testing [...]

Hammarskjold High School Kickstart

Hammarskjold HS invites all Grade 8 students to join us and explore the adventure of learning and improving their skills in the foods and music fields! We are very pleased to offer a state-of-the-art foods lab and music program at Hammarskjold High [...]

Report Cards and Assessment

The following is based on information received from the Ministry of Education: All students, K-12, will receive a June report card. Elementary Students For students in elementary school, teachers will assign tasks, projects and activities during the [...]

Superior CVI Kickstart

Superior CVI invites all Grade 8 students to join us and explore the adventure of learning and improving their skills in the technology field! We are very pleased to offer state-of-the-art technology labs at Superior CVI. Superior Kickstart Programs [...]
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