Westgate Allies

Westgate supports LGBTQ students

Westgate Allies

Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute Gay Straight Alliance is Celebrating “Ally Week” during the week of September 26 to September 30. Ally Week is a national dialogue about how everyone, in and out of school, can work to become better allies to LGBT youth.

“We know that allyship is about more than broadly supporting LGBTQ people; it’s an active, ongoing process of advocating for LGBTQ youth and other marginalized groups without speaking for them or over them,” says Carlos Santander-Maturana, Student Support Professional. “During Ally Week, we challenge one another to think critically about what allyship means, how we are allies to others, and what kind of allies we seek out for ourselves.”

Members of the Gay and Lesbian Straight Alliance will be in the Main Hall requesting the signing of pledges of support and handling information about LGBTQ issues.


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