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Lakehead District School Board is one of 31 english-language public boards in Ontario. The Board administers the funding it receives from the province for the schools within the Thunder Bay area which comprise Lakehead Public Schools. These include 22 elementary schools, three secondary schools, and one adult education centre. The Board employs nearly 2,000 staff members, including more than 840 teaching staff, with a total enrolment of over 10,000 students.

Lakehead District School Board consists of nine trustees including an Indigenous trustee, one Indigenous student trustee, and one student trustee.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for student achievement and well-being with a key governance role with respect to:

  • operating schools according to provincial legislation;
  • having a vision statement that reflects the Board’s philosophy and local needs and priorities;
  • the development of a multi-year strategic plan;
  • setting the Board’s budget within the provincial grants and accompanying regulations;
  • making provision for resources and for the hiring of teachers, other staff;
  • accountability to the public for implementing curriculum according to ministry curriculum policy;
  • developing and delivering other programs that reflect provincial policies and local priorities;
  • providing for the hiring of teachers and other staff required in their schools;
  • providing for the maintenance of school buildings and property with regard to student safety and in accordance with provincial legislation;
  • monitoring the policies of the schools and the achievement of students and, through the director of education, holding the entire system accountable for meeting provincial and board standards; and
  • hiring and performance appraisal of the director of education.
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