The French Immersion Senior Kindergarten program is identical to our English program. The only significant difference is that French is the language of instruction.

Except in emergency situations, the teacher addresses the class only in French. To overcome the initial language barrier, French Immersion teachers are creative and energetic in their approach. The extensive use of mime, drama, music and body language is evident. From the outset, the child needs to feel happy and secure in the learning environment in order to flourish.

An important key to success is a positive attitude in the home toward the language and the program. If your child is eager to speak French at home, offer encouragement, but never pressure him or her to do so. Some students are very shy to express themselves in French outside the classroom, especially to their family members.

Before long, you should notice that your child is well adjusted to his or her new situation. Your child will take it as a natural course. In his or her eyes, French is the language of communication in the classroom. By the end of the year, children are able to recognize a large vocabulary and are using words and sentences to express themselves. They are able to follow the teacher’s instructions and to understand conversations and stories.

Keep in mind that in the early stages of the program, the level of the child’s comprehension is much higher than his or her ability to express himself or herself.

Registration For Senior Kindergarten French Immersion takes place at the same time as the registration for the English Kindergarten Program. You may register your child for SK French Immersion at your neighbourhood school. If you would like your child to be in the French Immersion Program, you must register them in SK French Immersion.

If your child is already enrolled in JK in one of our schools, you do not need to register for French Immersion online. Your child will bring home a paper registration form (SK French Immersion Intent Form). Please complete and submit the form, and your child will “migrate” into French Immersion for SK.

Parent Information Sessions on French Immersion will be held in mid-January at each of the three schools in our Board which offer the French Immersion program. There will be teachers, students, and parents of French Immersion students to describe the program and to answer any questions you may have. For more information, please feel free to call any French Immersion Principal or contact Inga Anderson-Foster, Elementary Resource Teacher, at 625-5103.

The French Immersion curriculum content is the same as the English curriculum. In Kindergarten, children learn to understand and follow basic vocabulary and simple sentence structures. In all grades, listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are developed in an integrated fashion. Formal instruction in Language in English begins in Grade 2.

For more information, check the FAQ, or contact the French Immersion School nearest you:

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