“I cannot stress how excited I am about this strategic plan. When I look at it, I can see myself, my sister and my peers, and I can see how certain words and sentences will help prevent things that I’ve seen people I care deeply about struggle with in the education system.”  – Keira Essex, Indigenous Student Trustee 2019-2021

Lakehead Public Schools is pleased to announce the launch of its new Strategic Plan 2021-2024. The new strategic plan focuses on five Principles (Belong, Achieve, Reconcile, Lead, and Inspire), and incorporates an Indigenous Education Framework throughout all elements.

The new plan was developed by professional consultants in the field of public education strategic plans and Indigenous education frameworks, community members, staff, the Board of Trustees, and senior administration. It replaces the previous strategic plan which was last revised in 2015 and saw the advancement and completion of many important initiatives and goals.

The implementation of the strategic plan is one of the most significant responsibilities of a trustee. The Lakehead District School Board trustees hold a prominent leadership role in the creation, progress, and accountability of the strategic plan and are enthusiastic to see it to fruition.

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