Students may earn Ontario high school credits online through the Lakehead District School Board E-Learning Program. Students taking an e-learning course will receive their instruction, assignments and tests online at the board e-learning site ( Participating students will be given face to face initial training on how to use the site and meet their teacher at the start of the semester. These courses meet all curriculum expectations and are taught by fully qualified teachers in one of our four high schools.

Why should I consider an e-learning course?

Your school may not offer the course or the course may not fit into your timetable. It is a great opportunity to experience an online course. Many post secondary institutions offer e-learning as part of their programs. The workplace regularly uses online courses for both job orientation and career training of employees. You may be comfortable working online. e-Learning courses give you the freedom to work at home and learn on your own time.

Will I be completely on my own?

No. Your teacher will regularly contact you via online discussions or email so you can quickly access assistance and subject support. Student services at your school will be available for support as with regular classes. A help desk is available that students and teachers can call five days a week is available if they are having technical difficulties.

What kind of computer do I require?

All e-learning students will be given access to a computer in their school to logon to the board e-learning site. To log on to the site at home most computers with an Internet connection will suffice, Minimum computer specs – Windows XP or Mac OS 10.3. PIII, 256 MB, Macintosh G3 or better with a connection to the Internet.

Is e-learning right for me?

To qualify for e-learning a student must be enrolled in 3 other day school courses. A typical e-learning student should be:

  • Self motivated and be able to organize their time without direct supervision;
  • Comfortable using computer technology;
  • Able to work independently;
  • Have access to a computer and the internet.

The following e-learning courses are available and there may be opportunities for additional E-learning courses to be offered based on student enrolment.

Semester 1

CGR4METhe Environment and Resource ManagementUniversity/College
Prerequisite: See Student ServicesGrade 12
CHV2OECivics and Citizenship (1/2 Credit)Open
Prerequisite: NoneGrade 10
EMS30EMedia StudiesOpen
Prerequisite: ENG2P1 or ENG2D1Grade 11
GLC2OECareer Studies (1/2 Credit)Open
Prerequisite: NoneGrade 10
HSP3UEIntroduction to Anthropology, Psychology, University and SociologyUniversity
Prerequisite: ENG2D1 or CHC2D1Grade 11
HSB4UEChallenge and Change in SocietyUniversity
Prerequisite: See Student ServicesGrade 12
ICS4UEComputer ScienceUniversity
Prerequisite: ICS3U1Grade 12
MHF4UEAdvanced FunctionsUniversity
Prerequisite: MCR3U1 or MCT4C1Grade 12
SVN3MEEnvironmental ScienceUniversity/College
Prerequisite: SNC2P1 or SNC2D1Grade 11

Semester 2

CHV2OECivics and Citizenship (1/2 Credit)Open
Prerequisite: NoneGrade 10
CHW3MEWorld History to the End of the 15th CenturyUniversity/College
Prerequisite: CHC2P1 or CHC2D1Grade 11
CGW4UEWorld Issues: A Geographic AnalysisUniversity
Prerequisite: See Student ServicesGrade 12
Prerequisite: ENG3U1Grade 12
EWC4UEThe Writer’s CraftUniversity
Prerequisite: ENG3U1Grade 12
GLC2OECareer Studies (1/2 Credit)Open
Prerequisite: NoneGrade 10
HSC4MEWorld CulturesUniversity/College
Prerequisite: See Student ServicesGrade 12
MCT4CEMathematics for College TechnologyCollege
Prerequisite: MCF3M1 or MCR3U1Grade 12
MCV4U1Calculus and VectorsUniversity
Prerequisite: MHF3U1Grade 12

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