While the French Immersion program focuses on French skills, it also provide opportunities for students to develop their English language skills and to follow a full and balanced program in other areas of the curriculum.

In Senior Kindergarten and Grade One instruction is given in French. The children will explore a wide variety of themes which follow the curricula of the Ministry of Education. Communication skills are emphasized and the children improve and develop increasing confidence at expressing themselves in French.

In Grade Two, a period of instruction in English language arts, approximately 80 minutes per day, is introduced. This format is continued until the end of Grade Five. This English language arts program includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, and developing skills in spelling and grammar.

With the emphasis on the acquisition of the French language, a slight lag in some areas such as English spelling or reading may be apparent; however, these lags are quickly overcome and usually disappear by the end of the junior grades.

In a French Immersion program, French is not simply taught as a subject, but becomes a medium of instruction for all or most of the curriculum. The curriculum content taught in the French Immersion program is identical to the English program. When French is the language of mathematics, geography or music, students have opportunities to use immediately the vocabulary and structures they have learned. Studies show that such meaningful communication activities are of great importance to second-language learning.

In Grades Six to Eight, French and English instruction is balanced, as near as possible, to offer a 50/50 ratio. The language of instruction in Mathematics and Science & Technology is English, while the language of instruction for History and Geography is French. The Arts and Health & Physical Education may be taught in either language.

Hammarskjold High School offers a French Immersion Diploma to students wishing to continue their study of French language. To obtain the Diploma, students are required to take ten credits with French as the language of instruction. Four of these credits must be French Immersion Language credits. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses such as Physical Education, Civics and Careers or Anthropology. This variety of courses gives students ample opportunities to enhance and refine their oral and written French Language skills as well as to expand their knowledge of the language through the study of francophone culture and literature. By the end of the 4 year program, students will participate easily in conversations and discussions and will be able to take courses at the college or university level in which French is the language of instruction and be able to accept employment in which French is the working language. Since Hammarskjold High School has a strong focus on International Studies, students who wish to learn a third or fourth language may also choose Spanish or German.

Language of Instruction

Senior Kindergarten100% French
Grade One100% French
Grades Two – Five75% French
25% English
Grades Six – Eight50% French
50% English

Take the time to get personally involved in some of the class activities. The teacher will appreciate your assistance and your interest in the class.

A “Meet The Teacher” evening is held in early fall at most schools.

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