NOTE: Due to pandemic-related health and safety protocols, the utilization of school space by the community is not available at this time. Please continue to visit our website for updates. At Lakehead Public Schools, safety is a priority. Thank you for your cooperation.

Lakehead District School Board’s primary responsibility is to support the achievement, well-being and safety of our students. The Board recognizes that cooperative and collaborative relationships between school boards and community organizations are part of the foundation of a strong, vibrant and sustainable publicly-funded education system. Offering space in schools to partners can strengthen the role of schools in communities, provide a place for programs and facilitate the co-ordination of, and improve access to, services for students and the wider community.

Please refer to Lakehead District School Board Facility Partnership Policy and Procedures 9015 for information regarding eligibility and selection criteria for potential facility partnerships. This policy and associated procedures can be found on our website.

Once pandemic-related health and safety protocols are lifted, we will be able to once again offer the community the opportunity to utilize school space, at which point the following sites may be available for suitable facility partnerships:

  • Algonquin Avenue Public School
  • Armstrong Public School
  • Five Mile Public School
  • Gorham and Ware Community School
  • Hammarskjold High School
  • Kakabeka Falls Public School
  • McKellar Park Central Public School
  • McKenzie Public School
  • Sherbrooke Public School
  • Valley Central Public School
  • Vance Chapman Public School
  • Whitefish Valley Public School
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