Explore the available options that may suit your child’s needs. Lakehead Public Schools offers a wide variety of educational choices for students from Kindergarten to grade 12 as well as adult education through our Lakehead Adult Education Centre.

First Nation Métis and Inuit Education

Lakehead Public Schools is committed to improving and supporting Aboriginal student success by providing the resources required to assist staff and administrators. Our goal is to build an Aboriginal cultural awareness in every school that promotes sensitivity to educational needs, a welcoming school climate and active parental involvement.

After School Programs

Lakehead Public Schools is pleased to tentatively offer a number of grade 9 credit courses to grade 8 students after school during the school year.

Alternative Programs

Most students complete the majority of their studies in a secondary school. Credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma may also be earned in a variety of ways outside of a traditional school setting. Ask your school principal about these programs.


Students may earn Ontario high school credits online through the Lakehead District School Board E-Learning Program. Students taking an e-learning course will receive their instruction, assignments and tests online at the board e-learning site.

Virtual Learning Technical Assistance

At Lakehead Public Schools, we know that technology is changing the world in which students learn. This is why we have invested over $6 Million in technology to support the way students learn in our schools.

French Programs

Fluency in a second language can open doors to knowledge, communication, culture and travel. Our French language programming gives our students an advantage in the workplace, and has proven to help children read and write better in any language.

IB Programme

The IB Programme, a symbol of academic integrity in over 143 countries, is designed for students who are looking for a challenge as they enter high school, and are seeking classmates who have similar interests and attitudes towards school.


High quality, progressive design including the only International Baccalaureate program in Northwestern Ontario.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) allows a Co-op student to begin to learn a skilled trade while completing the requirements for a high school diploma. A Co-op student may be signed as an apprentice with the employer at the time of his/her placement. Students graduate with a diploma, skills in a trade, experience in the workplace, and a head start in a skilled profession

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

In the SHSM Program, students learn sector-specific skills and knowledge in a hands-on, career-related learning environment with others who have the same goals and career expectations.

Special Education

Lakehead School Board has worked in consultation with parents, teachers and the community to develop a comprehensive Special Education Plan.

Territorial Student Program

The Territorial Student Program serves students from Armstrong and/or Collins ON who must leave home for school. These students receive monthly allocations for lodging and, in some cases, a transportation allocation as well to attend a Lakehead District School Board secondary school in Thunder Bay.

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