Lakehead Public Schools takes great pride in recognizing student and staff achievement with special awards for students and staff each year.

Grade 8 Award of Excellence

The Grade 8 Award of Excellence recognizes individuals who have achieved high standards of academic excellence as well as demonstrating leadership within the school and our community. Through their daily actions within our schools and in our community, these students truly personify the Lakehead Public Schools values of:

  • Inclusion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Responsibility

Trustee Recognition Award

Awards for student and staff achievement will be presented by trustees in recognition of outstanding achievements, effort and excellence of students and staff of Lakehead Public Schools. Trustees present the Trustee Recognition Award at Regular Board or Standing Committee Meetings. Schools may submit candidates for potential recognition to Kelly Stewart Doromko in the Office of the Director at 625-5213 or by e-mail at For further information, see below.

All candidates whose names are submitted to trustees and who have received a regional, provincial, national or international award in the area of academics will be automatically recognized. The trustee recognition program will encompass a wide range of disciplines, but the common factor is the high level of achievement attained by students and staff. Honorees will have won or achieved personal levels of excellence in local, regional, provincial, national or international pursuits, such as: Mathematics Olympics, Science Fair, Music Festival, drama/dance festivals, debating/public speaking, coaching, etc. Students and staff who perform outstanding community service are also eligible. Other categories may be included and trustees will consider students and staff who achieve excellence in school-based athletics and activities.

Trustee Character Award

The Trustee Character Award supports and enhances Lakehead Public Schools Character Development. This award provides an opportunity to raise awareness and promote character attributes that contribute to safe and healthy school environments, promote positive interpersonal relationships, promote higher academic achievement, increase awareness of diversity, show responsible citizenship, model positive behaviour, and enhance employability and life skills. The awards for character will be presented by trustees to students, staff and community members of Lakehead Public Schools at Regular Board or Standing Committee Meetings.

Lakehead Public Schools Foundation

The Lakehead Public Schools Foundation was created in 2003 as an independent, charitable foundation dedicated to raising funds for Lakehead Public Schools students. Funds raised through the Foundation have been directed to graduating secondary students in the form of scholarships, Student Assistance Fund and to help fund the Grade 8 Awards of Excellence. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised funds through donations – Celebrations of Life (In Memory) and through an annual golf tournament.

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