Albert Einstein Wax Museum

A Night at the Museum

Students at Nor’wester View Public School kicked off the new Nor’wester View Academies in an exciting and unique way! They hosted a “Wax Museum Night” for parents on Wednesday, October 4. The event was for parents to learn about what the three learning academies will be doing for the year and their plan for their “big project”.

“Our students have put a lot of work and a significant amount of research into this special event,” says Kristi Lees, Nor’wester View Public School Teacher. “The three academies offered are very different, but the students have come together to create a very unique evening for their parents. . The students will also reveal their top secret big project for this year!”

Students representing their peers in the Global Citizenship, Sports and Outdoor Recreation and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) academies will be dressing up as a famous person which represents their academy. Some of the “wax models” will include Terry Fox, Ellen, Wayne Gretzky, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks and Bill Gates to name a few. The models will be set up at specially constructed stations. As people move through the stations, they press a button on the station backdrop. The wax model will become alive and share one fact about their person. Some facts will also be available in French!

The Nor’wester View Public School Learning Academies provide Grade 7 and 8 students with the opportunity to learn in an experiential and rigorous environment while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Curriculum. The pilot academies provide opportunities for students to participate in inquiry and/or project activities that encourage students to learn through active experience, reflect on the experience and apply their learning to various aspects of their lives.