A True Role Model

Role models often visit schools to inspire students to achieve and set goals for themselves. In this case, a true role model is visiting Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute on Monday, November 6. Jade Willoughby, an international model originally from Whitesand First Nation and now living in New York, will be visiting the school to talk about her experiences as a model and as an Ojibwe woman.

“We are always very pleased to welcome people into our school who have overcome significant barriers to succeed in their chosen profession,” says Andrew Foulds, Acting Vice Principal at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute. “Jade will certainly provide a valuable and interesting perspective to both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students. Her success in life really is inspiring.”

Ms. Willoughby was just seven years old when she was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, a rare kidney disease that causes protein to be lost in the urine, which results in severe swelling, water retention, and a compromised immune system. When she turned 16 her disease went into remission, but at any time it could return.

While at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Ms. Willoughby will speak to the students about her disease, racism and bullying. The international model, who is represented by the Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, will share how her culture has helped her overcome challenges.