Pow Wow

Algonquin Avenue Welcomes Classic Roots

Algonquin Avenue Public School is proudly welcoming back former student Joshua DePerry to speak to current Intermediate students. DePerry is a well-known Fancy Dancer at Pow Wows and is also known as Classic Roots, an up and coming music producer and DJ who blends Indigenous sounds with modern techno and house music. His story is featured in the documentary “Turning Tables” that will be shown at the Vox Popular Media Arts Festival 2018, formally known as the Bay Street Film Festival, on Thursday, September 13.

“We are very excited to welcome Joshua back to Algonquin Avenue Public School,” says Kali Bernst, Principal of Algonquin Avenue Public School. “He will be speaking to our students about his life and challenges as an Urban Indigenous youth/man as he continues to pursue his life’s dreams”

The trailer for the documentary, Turning Tables, can be viewed here – http://www.baystreetfilmfestival.ca/portfolio-item/turning-tables/