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Bluecoats Visit Claude!

It will be an action packed day as the Bluecoats of Science North visit Claude E. Garton Public School on Tuesday, February 6. Students in all grades will have the opportunity to interact and participate in a number of intriguing and fun science activities.

Activities include:

  • Sprout Your Sock!
    Through exploration and investigation young scientists will learn about different fruit and where they are grown. Students will have a chance to communicate their findings with each other and through active play discover how seeds turn into plants.
  • Invention Dimension
    Grades 1 & 2
    What kinds of 3-dimensional shapes can be found in real life? Young engineers will find out when they design, construct and test structures and simple machines. Following this hands-on activity, your students will get to experience a trip through different architectural structures found around the world, making the math come alive!
    Curriculum links: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms
  • Zip to the Finish
    Grades 3 & 4
    Zip lines are becoming increasingly more popular around the world. While they are fun for the adventurous, there is an incredible amount of physics, math and engineering involved in their creation. After learning about forces that influence objects in our world and testing out a gear system, students will design, build and test a zip line.
    Curriculum links: Understanding Matter and Energy
  • Biological Bewilderment
    Grades 5 & 6
    It’s a great “who-dunnit” of the biological kind! Students will have to sift through the clues using their knowledge of anatomy and biodiversity to solve the case. The students will race the clock to complete their investigation and reveal the underlying cause of the environmental damage.
    Curriculum links: Understanding Life Systems
  • Under Pressure
    Grades 7 & 8
    Hydraulic technologies can be found in many parts of our everyday lives, from hinges on doors in schools to industrial presses that crush and form metal. In this program students will work together to create a small-scale hydraulic press and test its effectiveness. Using technical problem solving skills students will identify the magnitude of the force applied that is necessary to crush an object, followed by a virtual tour of hydraulic presses in real life.
    Curriculum links: Understanding Structures and Mechanisms