Bridgett's Story

Bridget’s Story

“If you work hard, anything can happen,” says Bridget Steele.

Bridget is a recent graduate of Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute and is currently enrolled at Confederation College. Bridget was diagnosed with autism and dysgraphia as a student at Five Mile Public School. Throughout elementary and secondary school, Bridget and her family worked with teachers, educators and the Special Education Advisory Committee to ensure that she reached her full potential both academically and socially.

During her time at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Bridget distinguished herself as a leader in the school and in the community. This past summer, she was named as one of six Empowered Kids of Ontario Scholars. The scholarship program supports youth with special needs to achieve their education and career goals.

Bridget is truly an inspiration to us all as she continues to follow her dreams.

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