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Celebrating World Health Day

It has been said that every picture tells a story. In this case it is true and that story is all about positive mental health. To celebrate World Health Day, elementary and secondary school students from around our community will be displaying photos and thoughts which depict their perceptions of resiliency and coping factors as integral parts of mental health.

Through the Healthy Schools Team from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit, a special “Photovoice” display will be held at McKellar Park Central Public School on Tuesday April 7 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Singer, humanitarian and teacher Shy-Anne Hovorka will also be in attendance as a special guest.

“We know that there is no health without mental health,” says Jodie Murphy, Manager of Family and School Health at the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. “This project provides a way for students to explore their mental health perceptions through a visual medium with the focus being the theme of ‘resiliency and positive coping strategies’.”

Students in elementary schools with Healthy Schools Clubs and secondary schools involved in mental health promotion projects with the Health Unit across the city have been encouraged to tell their stories through photos. Prizes including tickets to the July 30 Daughtry concert and a camera and a blue tooth speaker will be awarded to students based on the following criteria:

  • How well the photo shows the theme described above
  • How clearly the photo tells a story or shares an idea
  • How creative and original the photo is
  • Appropriateness of the photo (no illegal activities, etc.)
  • “WOW” Factor (eye-catching!)

All participants will also be entered for random draws throughout the event.

Following the World Health Day event at McKellar Park Central Public School, the Photovoice exhibits will be displayed at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery during Mental Health Week, May 1 to 17.