Chewy Treats for New Hope Dog Rescue

The Special Needs class at Vance Chapman Public School made a sweet donation to New Hope Dog Rescue last week. Dozens of packages of homemade dog biscuits were gifted to the non-profit organization to keep the rescue dogs happy and full, and to tie in an amazing learning opportunity for the Special Needs class. One of the favourite topics of the Special Needs class is the students’ best at-home friends –their dogs– which inspired the project. Ms. Lydia Wiita, the Special Needs class teacher, saw how important family pets were to her class last year during virtual learning, and saw how the class loved having a few of the furry friends become regulars on the screen. Ms. Wiita created the activity this fall to incorporate many learning elements and was pleased it was a hit. “I know all of their dogs’ names by heart, and that shows just how much their dogs mean to them. The children loved this activity and some accomplished tasks they aren’t used to doing, such as kneading dough or breaking eggs into a bowl. Next month, when the students bake more batches to sell the dog biscuits to the school community to raise funds, they will manage the order forms, prepare the orders, and count the money they raise,” said Ms. Wiita.

The students were involved in the making of the dog treats from start to finish, including following a recipe, handling ingredients of various textures, counting and doing math, assembling the packages, and drawing beautiful pictures on the labels. The students are excited for their plan to bake more batches and sell the dog biscuits to the Vance Chapman Public School community in December to raise funds for the school.