Discover the Arctic at Kingsway

On Friday March 27, the students and staff of Kingsway Park Public School will get to experience “the road less travelled” through the eyes of John Dunn. Mr. Dunn will showcase informative images and videos from his “Ellesmere Light” summer expedition on Ellesmere Island in Canada’s Arctic.

“We are very excited to have John Dunn present for us,” says Darren Lentz, Principal of Kingsway Park Public School. “The students will get to hear firsthand about how to be creative and do more with less while also celebrating Canada’s beautiful landscapes.”

John Dunn is a wilderness traveler and National Geographic published photographer with a passion for the Arctic and for sharing his images and experiences with students of all ages. Born in the UK, he worked in mineral exploration in Australia before moving to Canada. John has planned and successfully completed 20 arctic expeditions, totaling over 1,100 days in the field.