Follow the Animal Tracks to Agnew

Local author Tonya Muchano made tracks to Agnew H. Johnston Public School on Friday, October 23. On this day, Ms. Muchano read her recently released book “Animal Tracks” to all 14 primary classes!

“It was e a very exciting day for our students as they meet a local author and actually had her read the book to them,” says MariaCasasola, Vice Principal. “Tonya’s visit provided a wonderful boost to our on-going literacy efforts.”

“Animal Track’s” was launched at Mary J. L. Black library has been featured at the local Chapters store.

“Animal Tracks is a new children’s book that encourages kids to get outside to discover the natural world, use their imaginations, and learn about some of the common animals living in the Canadian Boreal forest region.

The book explores problem-solving through imagination and play, and can be used as a tool to talk about everything from animals, their habitats, and biodiversity to personal safety and responsibility in the bush.”

For more information about the Tonya Muchano and her book “Animal Tracks”, please visit