Indigenous Student Trustee Introduced

At the November 9, 2021 Standing Committee meeting of the Lakehead District School Board, Grade 12 Hammarskjold High School student Jesslynn Friday was introduced as the newly appointed Indigenous student trustee for the 2021-2022 school year.

Jesslynn is pleased to fill the position and accept the important role of student voice to complement her active participation in the Hammarskjold High School community. Jesslynn has worked as a student mentor in the Reach Ahead Family Studies Program during a two-week summer program helping incoming Grade 9 students at Hammarskjold High School and has participated in the school’s Four Directions Program. Jesslynn was also a participant in the Indigenous Youth Art Residency Program from February to June of 2020. Additionally, Jesslynn brings knowledge and experience of committee work through her participation in Hammarskjold High School’s Student Indigenous Council (FIRE Council).

Jesslynn has acquired significant work experience by volunteering with several organizations including the Thunder Bay Public Library, Carpenter’s Union, Roseview Manor Long Term Care, Roots to Harvest, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, and Hammarskjold High School.

Following secondary school, Jesslynn would like to pursue an education in the fields of English Studies and Law.

Lakehead Public Schools is pleased to welcome Jesslynn into this meaningful role and looks forward to her perspectives, ideas, and input as the voice of the students. The Indigenous student trustee provides representation for all Lakehead Public Schools students in accordance with Ontario Legislation and is a non-voting member.