Hammarskjold High School

Information for Hammarskjold Families

Over the past number of months, anonymous threats have necessitated a lockdown and the closure of Hammarskjold High School. Additionally, hold and secure procedures have been initiated at a number of other schools as a result of these threats.

These threats are taken very seriously by Lakehead Public Schools and by Thunder Bay Police. When we are notified of threats to a school, student and staff safety is the primary consideration for all actions taken. All decisions to close, lockdown or institute a hold and secure are made in consultation with Thunder Bay Police.

Concerns have been raised by parents with regard to the nature of the threats. As these occurrences are the focus of an active investigation, details of the threats cannot be shared by Thunder Bay Police as it could negatively impact the ongoing investigation.

We thank all families for your patience and understanding as we continue to have the best interests of your children at the forefront of all decisions made.