Big Crunch at Gron Morgan

It’s Down to the Crunch at Gron Morgan

It will be the “crunch” heard ‘round the world! That may be somewhat exaggerated as it might not that be big, but if you are in the Ecole Gron Morgan Public School Gym on Thursday, March 12, you will see and hear students participating in the “Great Big Crunch”. The students will be enjoying a snack of healthy carrots following a nutrition presentation by community partners Roots to Harvest and the Canadian Red Cross Student Nutrition Program.

“The Great Big Crunch is a special day of food education that celebrates local and healthy food choices,” says Pauline Fontaine, Principal of Ecole Gron Morgan Public School. “The presentation ends with a massive synchronized bite into a local carrot!’

The presentation will occur in the Gym at 1:10 p.m. with a representative of the Red Cross who will discuss the importance of healthy eating and Nutrition Month. At 1:30 p.m., more than 600 students will crunch into specially supplied carrots to celebrate these important lessons.