Kids Comforting Grown-Ups

The devastating COVID-19 outbreak at Southbridge Roseview has affected many hearts, little and big, in our schools this holiday season. Students, teachers, and even parents and guardians are joining forces to show support to the residents and staff of the long-term care home where many are disheartened, frightened, or fighting the infection.

École Gron Morgan Public School and Vance Chapman Public School are inspiring residents and staff at Southbridge Roseview through signs, crafts, and gifts; a purposeful gesture to impress upon them that they are being thought of and cared for. École Gron Morgan Public School’s Grade 2 French Immersion teacher, Mme Lundstrom, encouraged her class to brainstorm positive and reassuring words, including Thank You, Wash Your Hands, and Restez en bonne santé (stay healthy). The students embellished posters with stimulating colours and their special messages. Mme Lundstrom hung the compassionate posters on the long-term care home’s fence as a daily reminder of moral support for residents and staff.

Vance Chapman Public School’s acts of kindness toward the long-term care home started with one class and caught serious momentum, expanding throughout the entire school and even into its school community. The outbreak at Southbridge Roseview hit home for many families and staff of the school. Students created holiday decorations and cards, and parents and guardians are donating purchased socks, slippers and blankets. The charming crafts and warm donations will be hand-delivered by the Grade 6/7 and 7/8 students on December 8th.

Thank you to the staff of Southbridge Roseview for caring for our families during this very difficult time. Our students are mirroring your kindness and demonstrating their natural tendency to nurture elders. Your commitment is invaluable, especially this holiday season.