Kris Sandberg Recipient of Trustee Character Award

Lakehead District School Board is pleased to announce that a Trustee Character Award has been presented to Kris Sandberg, teacher at McKellar Park Central Public School, in appreciation of his outstanding work ethic and generosity toward students and colleagues.

Kris Sandberg was nominated for this award because he is an inspiration to students. He is known throughout the school community for helping students set goals and encouraging the students to feel empowered to achieve them. Mr. Sandberg was named the recipient of this award because his character reflects what this award is all about. He generously volunteers his lunch break on several days each week to run a Minecraft club with students to encourage skill building, teamwork, and self-confidence, all while ensuring to include all students from JK to Grade 8. His kind and helpful nature, along with his devotion to the school community, make him a much-loved member of McKellar Park Central Public School. Thank you, Mr. Sandberg, for all that you do for students.