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Mindfulness Mentors at Crestview

The concept of mindfulness has been the focus of the well-being initiatives at Crestview Public School. Mindfulness has been shown to improve cognitive outcomes, social-emotional skills, and overall well-being. In order to help students to further develop mindfulness, a team of Grade 6 students has been specially trained as Mindfulness Mentors. The focus on mindfulness began this past Fall.

“In October, a number of our teachers partnered to help students to recognize and label their emotions, to identify and use strategies for self-regulation, and to practice different mindfulness techniques,” says Scott Zamojski, Principal of Crestview Public School. “Some such techniques include breath work, present-moment sensory awareness, yoga, and emotion identification and regulation. Students have also been encouraged to share what they have learned with their families at home.”

With some guidance, the Mindfulness Mentors have begun facilitating mindfulness activities in Kindergarten and in Grades 1to 3 classes. Members of the local media are invited to attend a Grade 6 Mindfulness Mentor session on Tuesday, February 6.

The mindfulness focus at Crestview Public School has come to the attention of Dr. Greenwood, professor of Holistic and Contemplative Education in the Faculty of Education at Lakehead University. Ms. Veneziale, French and Primary Planning Teacher at Crestview Public School has been invited to Dr. Greenwood’s class to lead mindfulness activities with graduate students and to discuss the mindfulness practices implemented at Crestview. In addition, Dr. Greenwood has offered to bring a physical labyrinth to Crestview later in the term as he and his graduate students lead a mindfulness practice.