More than a field trip

More Than a Field Trip

The KZ Lodge students at Hammarskjold High School visited Algonquin Avenue Public School this week to bond with the students over the Indigenous cultural tradition of harvesting and processing manoomin (wild rice). The secondary students led, taught, explained, and demonstrated their knowledge to the youth of the elementary school, all while experiencing the natural beneficence associated with sharing traditional knowledge and principles. One of the Seven Grandfather Teachings is Wisdom, succinctly described as the combination of all Seven Teachings with the addition of experiences acquired through life. An experience such as this, with one teaching another, is more than a field trip – it is an opportunity to expand one’s Wisdom.

Teachings of the land, culture, language, and community were shared by the secondary students, and the Algonquin Avenue students reciprocated by inviting them to partake in an event of archery.

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