National Science Fair Success!

Congratulations to Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate and Vocational Institute student Skye Dusolt who was awarded a Bronze Medal at the recent Canada Wide Science Fair held in Regina!

Skye received her award for her project “Steam With Nanoparticles.”

Here is a description of Skye’s award winning project:

“Light absorbing nanoparticles can create steam without bringing the surrounding water to the boiling point. As a continuation of a previous science fair, three different types of nanoparticles were tested; gold, silver and carbon black. Each test tube was placed in the sun for 30 minutes with water as a control. After experimenting it was found that silver nanoparticles had the greatest weight loss (created the most steam) followed by gold which is beneficial to many people. Nanoparticles provide a cheap source of clean water with the distillation process. In addition, distilling alcohol provides a cheap source of fuel.”