One Bead at a Time

Jean MarshallKingsway Park Public School Grade 4 students were very excited to have the opportunity to welcome the Learning Through the Arts program back to the school! Jean Marshall is a well-known regional and Learning Through the Arts artist and she shared her expertize with the Kingsway students on traditional First Nation bead work on Thursday, February 11. The visit by Ms. Marshall focused on a number of important priorities for the Kingsway students.

Students with beading projects.“It is a true honour for Jean to visit the school and her visit greatly enhanced the reconciliation work that the students are learning about,” says Darren Lentz, Principal of Kingsway Park Public School. “The connection of the beading to the math curriculum was also an important link and a focus of the visit.”

Ms. Marshall has taught all the junior grades at the school various types of bead work from loom beading to two needle bead work to edge beading techniques.

Learning Through the Arts® (LTTA) is a proven transformative educational program that uses arts-based activities to teach the core curriculum by providing teachers with creative tools to engage all students in math, science, language arts, social studies, and more. LTTA evolved out of the premise that schools that encourage teachers to make learning and teaching participatory, active, and connected to the personal interests and learning style of each student are the most effective in achieving academic, social, and personal development in these students. Teachers, like students, also learn best through direct, hands-on experience in the moment, in the classroom.