Day of Pink

Pretty Awesome in Pink!

We’re in the pink! Pink is the colour of choice on Wednesday, April 11 at Lakehead Public Schools. The annual Day of Pink, a nationally recognized event to confront stereotypes, support diversity within the schools and foster safe and inclusive environments, was celebrated by the students in numerous schools.

The day originated in Nova Scotia, where a boy wore a pink shirt to school on his first day of Grade 9 and was harassed because of it. Several students in his school decided to stand up for their fellow student by asking other students to wear pink the next day. The show of solidarity stopped the bullying and helped this student feel safe coming to school.

“I am extremely proud of the efforts made by the students and staff in our various schools in how they have embraced this initiative,” says Leslie Hynnes, Education Officer, Lakehead Public Schools. “There is no room for injustice at Lakehead Public Schools and events like this clearly demonstrate how our staff and students feel about bullying and discrimination.”

The local media were invited to attend the following events at the following schools on Wednesday, April 11:

Claude E. Garton Public School
12 noon
The Claude E. Garton Public School Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is planning a bake sale featuring all pink baked goods to recognize the Day of Pink.

Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute
12:15 p.m. to 12:45
The Natural Helpers/GSA will have a Respect Banner in the foyer for students to sign and be giving away pink baking. As well, they will be offering pink face paint and taking pink pictures in the foyer

Valley Central Public School
2:00 p.m.
The Free to Be Me Club (Gay Straight Alliance) is organizing a special Day of Pink assembly.