Ramadan Inspires Philanthropy at École Gron Morgan Public School

This week, a Senior Kindergarten class at École Gron Morgan Public School launched a donation campaign to help those in need at Shelter House Thunder Bay. The five- and six-year-olds happened upon the idea after a brief discussion on Ramadan, and its emphasis on community and charity, sparked the class-wide interest in performing good deeds.

A giant good deeds tree was posted to a classroom wall and became the donation centre. Families donated non-perishable food items, new and used clothing, winterwear, housewares, and money to support individuals in the community. The endeavor by the Senior Kindergarten class has exemplified goodwill and has provided the students with an excellent philanthropic experience.

Michelle Morgan, Interim Executive Director of Shelter House Thunder Bay, was delighted to learn about the donations and knows that this gesture will bring a smile to many faces this weekend. “Thank you so much to the families of École Gron Morgan Public School for thinking of us. This will help the Shelter House feed clients this weekend and remind them that the community thinks of them and supports them,” said Morgan.

Lakehead Public Schools recognizes the many cultures, ethnicities, and religions of the world and embraces stimulating discussions stemming from the curious minds of students.

Mrs. Cristine Sillen, Senior Kindergarten teacher co-leading the donation campaign alongside ECE Droste de Guzman, said it’s meaningful to honour cultures in the school. “We have a large community of Muslim families in the school and it’s nice that everyone got to learn more about Ramadan and acknowledge other cultures and traditions in our school community. The students learned lots about charity and giving,” said Mrs. Sillen.

Lakehead Public Schools fosters environments of respect and encourages self-expression and an appreciation for diversity in all its classrooms. We wish observant students and families Ramadan Mubarak.