Ribbon Skirt

Showing Support One Stitch at a Time

A number of female Lakehead Public Schools staff will be showing support for the local Indigenous Community by getting together to sew traditional ribbon skirts. The staff members will be wearing the finished ribbon skirts at a Pow Wow to be held at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute in May.

“Participating female staff will learn the teachings behind the ribbon skirt as they come together to take up needles and thread to make the skirts,” says Melissa Roberts, Lakehead Public Schools Teacher. “This activity provides the opportunity to mend relationships while creating new ones and will also foster caring and concern for each other.”

The design of the skirt is left up to each individual participant in terms of colours and patterns of fabric and ribbon. The colours speak to the strengths and gifts that each of the participants have.

“When we sew our skirts, we laugh and joke, filling the space we are in with good thoughts and fun which is absorbed by the spirit of the skirt we are making,” says Roberts.