Kingsway Canoeing

Staying Afloat at Boulevard Lake

Association (ORCKA) canoe certification on Friday, October 12. In addition, the Kingsway Park students will be working in partnership with Confederation College and the Let’s Talk Science program to study water and learn about aquatic species that indicate the health of our water sources.

“The day is meant to kick off a couple months of exploration into the water crisis and the importance of protecting this essential resource on our planet,” says Darren Lentz, Principal of Kingsway Park Public School. “With the help of many community partners, the students from Kingsway’s Academy will gain a deeper understanding about our relationship with our water.”

ORCKA is Ontario’s certifying and safety body for canoeing in the province. Let’s Talk Science is a national, award-winning charitable organization committed to community and school outreach by post-secondary student and professional volunteers. The programs motivate, prepare and support educators and engage children and youth in quality learning experiences that develop their interest in science, engineering, technology and math.