Students Give a Hoot about Owls

To show that they give a hoot about our local owls, students in the Grade 11 Biology class at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute partnered with younger students in the Superior CVI the Grade 8 Kickstart program on ways to help protect owls, including the construction of nesting boxes. The two classes will present what they have learned to visiting Grade 6/7/8 students from Five Mile Public School on Friday, December 8. The Five Mile students will also have the opportunity to build nesting boxes.

“Local barred, boreal and saw-whet owl habitat is threatened by human activities such as logging and housing developments,” says Karen Watt, Science Chair, Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute. “To address these issues, we are making owl nesting boxes and selling them to local residents.”

Two sizes of box are available: 19″ x 14″ x 24″ boxes for barred owls ($30) and 13″ x 9″ x 24″ boxes for the smaller boreal and saw-whet owls ($25). Boxes will be available for sale at Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute. All proceeds will be donated the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists.

Lumber to construct the owl nesting boxes was donated by the Ministry of Natural Resources.