Summer Transition Program Wraps Up

Lakehead Public Schools Summer Transition Program

Two-week program wraps up with mask-making activity

Students and families from Lakehead Public Schools elementary and secondary classes, as well as special education classes, recently had a chance to familiarize themselves with the new masking protocols put in place for September’s return to school. Students were provided with cloth masks and fabric markers for an activity that focused on creating a personal connection to their mask, with the hopes of reducing any anxieties about wearing a mask at school.
“Students really enjoyed the activities, and I even took part by designing a mask with a very silly smile on it. We also provided all students in the program with a drawstring backpack filled with lots of school supplies, snacks and activities to use throughout the program,” said David Farrish, program lead.
From August 17th – August 28th, several students from Lakehead Public Schools elementary and secondary school classes and special education classes were welcomed back to their classrooms for a Summer Transition Program.
This program focuses on providing students with an opportunity to reestablish school routines and participate in an orientation and take part in several engaging activities after such a long hiatus from in-school learning.
“It’s a great way for our students to bridge that long gap from last year to this year. It also provides the students and their families with an opportunity to meet with SSP’s and principals in the school environment, learn about new protocols and procedures, and participate in engaging activities designed to reduce the stress and anxieties related to a return to school,” said Farrish.
The Summer Transition Program was developed as part of an initiative to provide students with extra support as they re-enter schools in September. This is the first year the program has run.