Superior CVI Enhances Welcoming Environment with Iftar

Superior CVI students and staff created a most welcoming learning and working environment for the school community by hosting an impressive iftar for all to attend. The event included a call to prayer and a recitation of the Quaran by Mohamed Elshafei, to which a student of the school offered a translation. To further the learnings on Ramadan, local imam Hikma Sherzaz presented on the meaning and importance of Ramadan and offered examples and references to strengthen relatability to one’s own life.

The principal of the school, Mr. Ryan McDonnell, offered opening remarks and expressed his joy in sharing this event with the community and his confidence that the event would become a treasured tradition.

“The Superior CVI community is absolutely remarkable. The students that we work with everyday amaze and inspire us with their passion to seek a greater understanding and their desire to celebrate each other. There is so much we can learn from them. Whatever you believe and however you choose to worship, we need you to know that you are valued and you belong here,” said Mr. McDonnell.

A Muslim student who attended the event with his family expressed gratitude for the school’s interest in the Muslim faith. “We really appreciated the event today and felt welcomed more than ever. This is the first time my parents have attended a school event and they were very happy. Thank you for making this evening welcoming for all of us!”

Lakehead District School Board’s student trustee and Grade 12 student at the school, Mehar Mago, said coming together with the families from various cultures really highlights how everybody belongs at Superior CVI and everywhere within Lakehead Public Schools.