Talking about Mental Health and Indigenous Youth

Students from the Nor’wester View Public School Learning Academies started off 2018 by learning more about Indigenous issues including mental health and youth issues. The students learned from local experts Dr. Chiachen Cheng (Chi), Child & Adolescent, Adult Psychiatrist and Physician Researcher and Mae Katt, Ojibwa nurse practitioner.

“This was an incredible opportunity for our Learning Academy students to learn about important issues that have impacts on youth in our community,” says Kristi Lees, Nor’wester View Public School Teacher. “The session was designed to provide the facts, but at the same time to make the learning more engaging through various learning stations.”

Following an opening drum song and a presentation by Dr. Cheng, the students visited a number of learning stations with interesting topics, including:

• Drumming and Indigenous music
• Living in a First Nation Community
• Coming to Thunder for School
• Using Land as a Classroom

The session is interconnected with the Nor’wester View Public School Learning Academy “Recycle Your Cycle” project. The students are working in partnership with Armstrong Public School students to refurbish 30 bicycles that will then be sent to Armstrong.