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The Human Library Project

On Wednesday, May 22, Superior Collegiate and Vocational Institute will be hosting The Human Library Project Grade 10 students from all Lakehead Public Schools secondary schools. During the day, the students will rotate through stations featuring a number of different speakers who are belong to groups who are often stereotyped and marginalized.

Lakehead Public Schools is hosting The Human Library Project, in partnership with a wide variety of community members, to help promote empathy, understanding and civic engagement amongst high school students. The theme last year was ‘building empathy through understanding’; this year’s theme is ‘encouraging social advocacy’.

Students will have the opportunity to hear presentations from people from all aspects of our community, including the Imam of the Thunder Bay Masjid, people living with disabilities, advocates for those living with dementia, newcomers to Canada, and FNMI leaders. Students will be asked to reflect on how they think they can contribute to our community, and to set goals to promote understanding through action. Over 175 students and 10 community presenters will be involved on the day.