The Strength of Churchill

Strength lies in the differences, not the similarities
Stephen R. Covey

Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate and Vocational Institute students and staff believe strongly in the differences of others and celebrating diversity! On Thursday, February 16, the students and staff are opening the doors of the building to the community to join in the celebration of the various cultures that comprise Churchill CVI.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for community members to visit Churchill and to embrace the many aspects of our varied cultures and to take a bit of diversity home with them,” says Dave Isherwood, Principal of Sir Winston Churchill Collegiate and Vocational Institute. “This event will demonstrate how unified our school is culturally and it will portray to the public what the people of Churchill CVI collectively stand for.”

This event was inspired by critical thinking and reflection on the part of IB students Laila Ikki and Lahama Naeem who were struck by the recent events in Quebec. They felt strongly that opportunities to showcase diversity can help to prevent similar tragic events worldwide.