Ultimate Frisbee – CANCELLED

Due to weather conditions, today’s Ultimate Frisbee Tournament has been cancelled. All students are now back at their schools. They did manage to get a number of games in prior to the weather changing.


On Tuesday, October 16, Lakehead Public Schools Elementary Schools students will be playing in the Ultimate Frisbee tournament! The fast paced, exciting game that is played on a soccer sized field features athleticism and a high degree of sportsmanship. This is the third year for the tournament.

“While throwing and catching are integral components of Ultimate Frisbee, sportsmanship plays a key role as well,” says Michael Oades, Principal of Five Mile Public School and Ultimate Frisbee Tournament Organizer. “Ultimate Frisbee is one of the few sports that does not have a referee or an official on the field to monitor the game.”

Ultimate Frisbee players monitor their own play through what is referred to as “Spirit of the Game.” Twenty-six teams from 12 schools will showcase their Spirit of the Game at the second annual Lakehead Public Schools inaugural Ultimate Championship on Tuesday, October 16 at the James Street Field.