Water is Life at St. James

St. James Public School students are singing the praises of water…..literally! The school has been working with representatives of the Thunder Bay District Health Unit to encourage students to skip the sugary drinks and to quench their thirst with good old fashioned water. And to drive home that message, the students worked with local song writing legend Rodney Brown to write and record the song “Water is Life”.

“No matter where students go, they cannot get away from sugary drinks like pop, chocolate milk, fruit juice, sports drinks and other drinks loaded with sugar,” says Elaine Oades, Principal of St. James Public School. “Through this project, we are helping students to understand that there is a healthy and natural alternative – water.”

On Friday, February 3, St. James Public School students attended a very special assembly to kick off the Water is Life initiative. At the assembly special posters encouraging water as the drink of choice were featured and each student received a very special St. James Public School water bottle so that they can fill up at the school water fountains. The students were also be joined by special guests from the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and they were singing their song, “Water is Life”, with Rodney Brown.

St. James Water