Westgate Accesses the Supply Line

Through the Canadian War Museum’s Supply Line Program, Grade 10 History students at Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute from two classes will be learning more about World War 1 on Monday, September 16. The program provides an opportunity for schools to borrow a special kit containing authentic and reproduction World War One artifacts. The Supply Line program provides a unique hands-on learning opportunity for students learning about the “war to end all wars”. In addition to the artifacts, each kit comes with a binder containing lesson plans, artifact backgrounders, artifact information labels and photographs.

“The kit helps to close the gap between what students learn in class and its application in real life,” says Jerry Pilot, Grade 10 History Teacher at Westgate Collegiate and Vocational Institute. “Kits like these have an impact on students when they are able to learn with materials that are tangible and relevant.”

Following a short lesson, the students will be working in small groups to explore how the artifacts can assist in learning about World War One and the impact on the people who were involved. One of the Grade 10 classes will be completing an exercise that will allow them to think like an historian and the other class will be investigating individuals involved in the conflict and World War 1 art work.