Crestview Bullying Presentation

When is it an Accident, When is it Bullying?

Grade 7 and 8 students in the Crestview Public School Student Leadership are launching a yearlong anti-bullying project that will feature the use of drama coupled with technology. The theme of “When is it An Accident, When is it Bullying” will be the focus for the month of November.

“Our Leadership Students will be utilizing drama and media to deliver some key messages about bullying to the younger grades at Crestview,” says Derek Sawyer, Grade 7/8 Teacher at Crestview Public School. “The students are very excited to access and utilize some new technology at the school to deliver the messages, including green screen technology.”

Throughout the month, the Leadership Team will be posting green screen based video reports, “What’s Been Happening at Crestview,” on the Crestview Public School Facebook page at . Following the student lead presentations, teachers will have opportunities throughout the month to incorporate the Anti-Bullying Theme into their regular classroom activities including drama, language arts and media.