Important Information for Elementary Families

October 13 is the first of 3 set dates where Elementary students can move between remote and in-person learning. Facilitating these moves is a complex process – class and school sizes must be assessed to determine if staff need to move classes or schools in order to maintain appropriate class sizes. Please consider any moves carefully and be sure to have discussions with your child(ren)’s teacher(s) regarding potential moves.

Should you choose to have your child move from their current school “location” follow these steps:

  1. Have a conversation with the teacher/ECE and school principal about the concerns you have with your child(ren)’s current situation and the reasons for wanting a change. Schools will work to provide solutions to concerns and barriers.
  2. If, after those discussions, you still feel a change is preferred, contact your school principal directly to request the change. These requests must be made between 9 AM September 25 and 4 PM on October 2. We are not able to honour requests made after October 2nd due to the impact of staffing changes in the system.
  3. The principal will document the request, and during the week of October 5th, new class lists and school reorganizations may occur.
  4. You will be contacted by your child(ren)’s new teacher on October 8 or 9 and your child(ren) will start in their new placement on October 13, 2020.

The next date to have your child move between learning environments is February 1, 2021. The final date for Elementary student moves back to in-school learning is March 22, 2021.

Any questions can be addressed to your current school principal.