Westmount Public School Stepping Up for Local Families

The bell rang and Westmount Public School answered in a big way! When Roots to Harvest discovered they were short shipped on a delivery for the family breakfast and snack program, the school and staff came to the rescue! The packages are provided each Friday at various locations for families who relied on school food programs.

In response to the dilemma, Principal Eric Fredrickson coordinated the donation of close to 200 boxes of cereal, pancake mix, and granola bars from the Westmount Public School breakfast program.

Once Westmount Public School staff found out about the situation, they responded with $1,000 in donations. In addition to prior fundraising efforts, Westmount will be donating close to $3,500 to Roots to Harvest for this very important initiative.

“I know that our students, staff and their families will be thrilled to know that we have supported Roots to Harvest to feed many vulnerable families in our community,” says Eric Fredrickson, Principal of Westmount Public School. “We also could not have done this without the expertise of the Lakehead Public Schools finance staff who were able to remotely facilitate the donation. It was a team effort!”

The next pick up for the school food packages is Friday, April 3. (The schedule is attached.)

To donate to the family breakfast and snack program, please visit the Roots to Harvest website at – http://www.rootstoharvest.org/donations.html