Alternative Programs

Most students complete the majority of their studies in a secondary school. Credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma may also be earned in a variety of ways outside of a traditional school setting.  Ask your school principal about these programs:

Advanced Placement Courses

The Advanced Placement Program (AP) is a cooperative agreement between participating secondary schools and post-secondary institutions. AP courses permit students to undertake additional academic content as identified by post-secondary institutions. Completion of AP courses, while in secondary school, may exempt students from some post-secondary courses or allow students to replace a first-year course with a second-year option. AP motivates good students, enhances the quality of current curriculum and moves students forward in their destination planning.

Aviation Technology

Aviation Technology is a one semester program in which Grade 11 or 12 students can earn four or five college preparation level credits. The program is offered each  semester to 18 students from all high schools. The in-school and practical work-based cooperative curriculum will take place on-site at the Thunder Bay International Airport.

The Lakehead District School Board in partnership with the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council offers the Aviation Technology program to all students entering Grade 11 or 12. The purpose of the program is to introduce interested students to various aspects of the aviation industry. Information? 768-7284

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