Hannah Smith

A Familiar Face Returns

Hammarskjold High School Grade 11 student Hannah Smith is returning for one more year to continue to represent all Lakehead Public Schools students on the Lakehead District School Board as the Student Trustee. Hannah Smith was originally selected as the Student Trustee for the 2014-2015 and applied for an extension and was selected through the Student Trustee annual selection process.

“Being the Student Trustee provides me with the opportunity to further mold our schools into places where students feel safe, heard, happy and where they enjoy being every day ,” says Hannah Smith, returning Student Trustee. “Even though I have had a very successful first term, I still have many goals and aspirations to share with the students, the school communities and the Lakehead District School Board. I am very excited for the opportunity to return and continue my role.”

Since becoming the Student Trustee, Hannah has worked diligently to represent all Lakehead Public Schools students at the Board table. She is actively involved in numerous initiatives that ensure that the student voice is heard and she sees her role as a catalyst in encouraging student involvement. She has been an active member of the several Board Committees including the School Year Calendar Committee and the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). In addition, Hannah is the Chair of the Student Senate with representatives from all four Lakehead Public Schools secondary schools. The Senate meetings provide students with the opportunity to speak about issues with the direct link to the Board, the Student Trustee.

“The Board is extremely proud to welcome Hannah back as the returning Student Trustee,” says Jack Playford, Chair of the Lakehead District School Board. “She is a dynamic, thoughtful and driven young lady. She is deeply committed to ensuring that her constituents, the students, have a strong and dedicated voice at the Board table.”

The Student Trustee provides representation for all Lakehead Public Schools students in accordance with Ontario Legislation. The Student Trustee is a non-voting member and has a one year term. Students may apply for a second term.