A Star-Spangled Ogden Welcome!

Ogden Community Public School and McKellar Park Public School students and staff welcomed two very special guests to Ogden Community Public School on Monday, June 22. Retired U.S. Olympic Soccer goalkeeper Mary Harvey and U.S. Consul General Jim Dickmeyer visited the school as part of the Sports Envoy program, a mission-wide sports engagement strategy in relation to the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup and the upcoming Pan-Am and Para-Pan Games.

“We were honoured to welcome our very special guests to our school for this very exciting visit,” says Christy Radbourne, Principal of Ogden Community Public School. “The visit provided a once in a lifetime learning opportunity for the students of both schools as they learned about the importance of leadership and respect for diversity. And how often do you meet someone who has won the Women’s World Cup and an Olympic Gold Medal or a U.S. Consul General?”

The Sports Envoy Program provides athletes and coaches who travel overseas to lead programs developed by U.S embassies and consulates. During the programs, the athletes and coaches hold sports clinics, participate in community initiatives and engage youth on a number of leadership and diversity related topics. The U.S. Consul General’s primary partner for this program in Ontario is the Aboriginal Sports and Wellness Council of Ontario.

According to information provided by the U.S. Consulate, “Mary Harvey is a retired American soccer goalkeeper and Hall of Famer for U.S. Soccer, U.S. Olympic Committee and at her alma mater, Cal Berkley. She was the starting goalie for the 1991 U.S. Women’s National Team, which won the inaugural 1991 FIFA Women’s World Cup and a member of the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal team.”

A full biography of U.S. Consul General Jim Dickmeyer can be found at: http://toronto.usconsulate.gov/consulgeneral.html