Bestselling Local Author Sets the Scene at Kingsway Park Public School

In celebration of Literacy Day on January 27th, Kingsway Park Public School brought in local and national bestselling author, Jean E. Pendziwol, to a virtual session with the entire school. The author presented a live reading of her new book, I Found Hope in a Cherry Tree, which features the themes of hope, discovery and wonder.

After the book reading, the school’s intermediate students were invited to generate a word cloud with their answers to the question “Where do you find hope?”. Our Kingsway Park intermediate students are currently finding the most hope in their friends and family, so for all friends and family members out there – you currently play a big role in someone’s life. “With the ongoing pandemic, Kingsway Park Public School is striving to spread hope that 2021 will be filled with new beginnings. We hope that our world becomes healthy and that we can soon enjoy our lives to the fullest once again”, said vice principal Kristi Lees.

The author artfully engaged the students in an in-depth writing activity that coached them through the creation of a fictional scene based on a real and vivid personal memory. The objective was to utilize the concept of show, don’t tell. To write the scene, the students were to find their inspiration from a real memory, then write down a quickfire list of who, what, where, when, and to enrich the writing by enlisting the five senses. The key aspect in scripting the scene was to note the subtle elements one may easily overlook, such as lighting, temperature, and time of day.

“Offering our students virtual visits with inspiring and successful individuals who provide positive perspectives and captivate our students in their lessons is what makes Lakehead Public Schools exceptional”, said Director of Education Ian MacRae.

A big thank you to local author Jean E. Pendziwol for visiting with Kingsway Park Public School. Lakehead Public Schools looks forward to continuing to partner with extraordinary individuals to remain a leader in offering expert knowledge and unique academic experiences.